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Cause marketing partnerships

Give customers a chance to feel even better about their next purchase.

Cause marketing partnerships can be a powerful tool. A cause marketing partnership with The Salvation Army is an exciting opportunity to engage your customers and employees in reaching your philanthropic goals, while increasing sales and brand awareness.

Not only do these partnerships strengthen the loyalty of your customers and employees and enhance your corporate reputation, they also influence purchasing behaviors.

Point of Sale

Point of sale campaigns can take several different forms and are a great way to showcase your support for The Salvation Army in a very visible and actionable way. Here are a few ways you can invite your customers to engage in your corporate philanthropy.

  • Ask customers if they'd like to add a donation to The Salvation Army to their purchase (online or in-store).
  • Host a paper pin-up campaign. We have a turnkey toolkit for a bright and branded in-store program.
  • Donate a portion of sales on a day or during a time period to The Salvation Army. Click here for a great example of a program like this.
  • Add a donate option to your point of sale software during a month long period.
  • Will provide you with talking points for your associates as well as artwork to promote the campaign in-store, at the register, and online.
  • Ask customers if they would like to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar and explain that their additional contribution will benefit The Salvation Army.